Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unique Outdoor Bench Design

Unique Outdoor Bench Design

I designed this out of old cedar from a prior picnic bench. The cedar was sound. When designing weight bearing structures it is important to have lateral supports that prevent sway and add greatly to long term stability of said structure. This is a key component of my designs. I just don’t understand those tables’ people make with the skinny legs that sway leading to a toppy center of gravity. Despite their prized mortise and tenon joints. They make no sense to me in terms of utilization. You can see that in the triangular pieces that support the vertical uprights. The “feet” on this bench are made from treated lumber, because they contact the ground soil and would be prone to rot. All outdoor furniture should bear this aspect in terms of practicality. It is coated with purple paints and is designed to be a “shrine” to my boat. In addition to being Catholic I am a Noahist, a self named religion that believes in keeping your boat nearby. Not that I think there will be a flood but because it is the proper thing to do in terms of Noahism.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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