Tuesday, September 7, 2010


X Wing Rocket Fired Table
Symbolism of duality is exemplified by the rocket engine in the X Wing pattern that draws a contrast to the simplicity of Native American mirror images of bonfires. The table top being a resultant modular and plane structure could be interpreted by a statement such as this, "We go to the Moon and back but we still eat on level tables."
One question posed by this work is; "Which do we see as more beautiful, the modern day technology we are exposed to every day such as sleek new phones or personal electronics or the knots in the wood of the tabletop. Knots are considered by some imperfections, and by others more insightful the beauty marks of the wood, symbolic of its self propagation. This is an example of its strive for creation as it branches out a limb of new life. I like them so much I even added a few more "knots" to the tabletop to form a pattern in the wood. The branch of a tree analogous to creationism and a metaphor to the growth of human arms to hands. Which embody and symbolize the responsibility of creation as they grow from infancy to adulthood. I.e. Look at yours what have they created?
A comparison is drawn by the contrasts of the bonfire pattern in the X-Wing Rocket Engine Coffee Table, to overlooked understandings of our every day humanism. The "Enlightenment" of the piece begs the inherent rhetorical question: What would we ultimately find in our journey to Outer space? As it contrasts modern power versus the mystery of ancient relations by a campfire. The ancient cultures of our planet had to stay up late to track all those star movements didn't they? As we sit by the quiet sounds of a bonfire do we share a sense of nostalgic roots or tribalism? Do we enjoy this as much or more than the booming sounds of Sci-Fi movie's at a theater.
Further questions arising from my school of thought. How does this structure further represent the transition or creationary aspects of mankind to you? Another question for you is; "Before knowing my interpretation as creator of the object what was your initial frame of reference in terms of thought and terminology applied to this?" What was your abstract reaction via senses or feelings of thought first experienced? I.e. Your first Impression.
If you were to divide characteristics of the table into a timeline, is one aspect balanced on the other and then back to its own era of symbolism? How does this relate to the primary strengths of the idealism of human needs? IE Does the rocket put the bread on the table? Or is the Rocket not a necessary medium or middleman to "Us". Begging the question, "Who cooks like this?"
A parallel chronological analogy to the movie 2001 or 2010 Space Odyssey is created here. At the end of the movie we see a slab or abstract representation of a door in space. The movie poses the question, "What is technology and modern exploration of space leading to?" and rhetorically provides the answer the main protagonist is already personally familiar with but has been made separate from, as the pictorial representation shows loving images or memories of his own life. We go to the reaches of outer space and find a representation of ourselves that is integral to all creation. The enlightenment we seek is found to be the beauty within ourselves and our lives all along the journey.
God Bless,
Thomas Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. very interesting design.

    I recently just started getting into woodworking and the local Habitat for Humanity will be a hidden wealth of wood for my own projects.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.