Friday, May 7, 2010

Outdoor Work Bench

Outdoor Work Bench

This solid structure is made from discarded chalet/clubhouse outdoor bench seat. The slabs were made modular to limit any warp age present with larger slab architecture. It is held together with with threaded rods.

The top designed to resemble red cobblestone bricks or neatly placed strips of bacon, interpretation dependant on influence of mood.

The leg structure constructed of new treated lumber design with lateral leg wedge support to prevent sway or limit joint separation on sideways movement.

The mass of slab reaching near limit to axial manipulation and positioning before back strain occurs.

The legs stained green takes on a journey of a life of a plant from when the first green buds emerge from the soil to maturation. The respect for maturation further evidenced in this wood lasting for over thirty years outside and then reworked to represent a youngness of construction. The gloss coating oil from bacon in frying pan; “perfume on a pig”, no instead the glorification of this aged wood to represent the transformative strength of solid brick, embellished with age.

In summary a tribute to wisdom and new wisdom attained with age.

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

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