Monday, April 19, 2010

The Regency Cane

The Regency Cane

This is my woodworking logo as pictured on this regency can I made for my father.

The recycled oak wood was laminated lengthwise and turned on the lathe. It has an Epoxy Lite finish I applied at the same time I coated the dining room table I made.

I find Epoxy glues and finishes to be one of the most potent neurotoxins known and when I mix I try to get more than one job done with the same batch and let it dry in the garage and not in the house. A very good principle. Let applied glues dry in the garage and not in the house where you and your loved ones live. Loved ones like to breathe fresh air the best. Trust me on this one.

The head of this cane was the Regency model and came from Rockler woodworking. It is heavy and cost about $13. If I were to make another cane for my elderly parents I would opt to find a very light can head. Say plated and hollow strong aluminum or alloy. They don’t like to use this cane because it is too heavy. It is very strong though. The heads on these are fitted somewhat like a compression plumbing fitting. It is an iterative process to sand a little off around the top and see if it fits before I finally added some Eco Glue and screwed it on tight for a temporary permanence. That is the terms 3M used to describe its yellow sticky pads when it first introduced them.

God Bless,

Thomas Paul Murphy

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