Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sylvia Buccatti reviews Thomas Murphy's "The Window Box Bench"

“The Window Box Bench”- Artistic Review

Thomas Murphy has done it again! With this simple design of a bench seat he proves that large scale engineering principals and designs when scaled down to smaller proportions embody both the same economy of material with the emphasis on strength of structure.

But what he adds to this bench is the artistic elements of beauty made into form. Stout legs to this bench bear a resemblance to elevated highway support structures, although he changes the whole tone of the piece with the augmentation of a color that reflects a surreal feeling of “Spring Green” to the artistic aficionado.

He is drawing a most noteworthy contrast to the Reddish Wood bench seat top, in effect he makes a statement, “Our old growth natural Redwoods should be cherished and supported with the most solid structures we are capable of…a creation of form that offers new hope of complement to them.”

He titled this one, “The Window Box Bench” and with love and admiration I see why~

Sylvia Buccatti

About the Author,

Sylvia Buccatti was educated and trained in Renaissance arts and literature in Florence and has recently moved to the United States.

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